Emergency Services

emergencysvcsThe Fredericksburg Composite Squadron has been involved in Emergency Services (ES) for decades. As an organization, Civil Air Patrol conducts search and rescue, homeland security, disaster relief, counter drug, and other missions for federal, state, and local agencies.

The Fredericksburg Composite Squadron’s ES consists of ground search and rescue teams and Search and Rescue Aircrew. Missing persons, missing or overdue aircraft, and locating aircraft distress beacons make up the bulk of the squadron’s mission load though natural disaster relief is also a focus of our training. Though many training missions are held at the state or regional level, most of the training takes place at the squadron level. All members wishing to get involved in ES complete a basic emergency services course and a basic radio communications class. After that, members may pursue a number of ratings or qualifications for a particular skill used in ES.

Most new members of the squadron will be trained as Urban Direction-Finding Team members and Ground Team members. Those qualified in these ratings are the “boots on the ground” during a rescue operation and have one of the most rewarding positions in CAP. 

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