♦   Andrews AFB Thrift Store -  Great source of uniform items!

   eServices - Your Civil Air Patrol Home online!

♦  Getting Started in Cadet Testing - a step by step guide to cadet testing on eServices

♦  CAP Cadet Program - The Cadet Programs Blog.  Latest news on Cadet Programs from HQ.

♦  CAP Dues by State - Dues for membership for each state. 

♦  CAP Forms, Publications, and Regulations - Directory of all CAP Forms, Publications and Regulations. 

♦  CAP Knowledgebase - A great place to see answers to questions from other people....YOUR question is probably already answered here!

♦  CAP Talk – An unofficial discussion board for the Civil Air Patrol Community

♦  McChord Ribbon Rack Builder - Use this tool to make sure you get your ribbon rack in proper order

♦  National Cadet Special Activities - Learn about all the options for National Cadet Special Activities -- if you've completed Encampment

♦  orientation.flghts - schedule your o-flights at orientation.flights! 

♦  Virginia Wing Calendar

♦  Vanguard (CAP store) (Ask at Squadron about 10% Discount Code)

♦  Social Media


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