Aerospace Education

Cadet performs pre-flight check before a flight lesson. (Photo Credits: Capt Ryan Blanding)

The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Mission provides two purposes. The first is to provide aerospace education to the members of civil air patrol. The second is to assist in the aerospace education of the community in which the squadron is located.

Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol are offered up to five free Orientation Rides (O-rides) in CAP-owned powered aircraft. On the flights, they learn the basics of powered flight and get to take the controls of the aircraft during "straight and level" portions of the flight.

Cadets also have opportunities to take up to five free Glider O-rides and paid glider flights are available for Senior Members and cadets 18 & over. These rides also offer cadets the opportunity to learn the basics of glider flight. Many cadets go on to study aviation and some get their private pilot's license as a result of the love for aviation sparked by O-rides.

For members, Civil Air Patrol education is conducted during weekly meetings through classroom and hands-on activities. Several programs exist, one being the model rocketry program in which cadet's learn how rockets work and how they fly, while constructing one of their own.

For members of the education community, Civil Air Patrol offers many resource materials for local schools - FOR FREE! Click here for more information.

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Take a free Aviation Course from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University! Aviation 101

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