Emergency Services

emergencysvcsThe Fredericksburg Composite Squadron has been involved in Emergency Services (ES) for decades. As an organization, Civil Air Patrol conducts search and rescue, homeland security, disaster relief, counter drug, and other missions for federal, state, and local agencies.

The Fredericksburg Composite Squadron’s ES consists of ground search and rescue teams and Search and Rescue Aircrew. Missing persons, missing or overdue aircraft, and locating aircraft distress beacons make up the bulk of the squadron’s mission load though natural disaster relief is also a focus of our training. Though many training missions are held at the state or regional level, most of the training takes place at the squadron level. All members wishing to get involved in ES complete a basic emergency services course and a basic radio communications class. After that, members may pursue a number of ratings or qualifications for a particular skill used in ES.

Most new members of the squadron will be trained as Urban Direction-Finding Team members and Ground Team members. Those qualified in these ratings are the “boots on the ground” during a rescue operation and have one of the most rewarding positions in CAP. 

What do I need to do to get qualified??

In order to participate in an actual mission or a training mission, a member must have completed the necessary training outlined on the Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR). All training is recorded online in “My Operations Qualifications” within eServices

The SQTR’s have been developed to train members in several stages:

  • Prerequisites,
  • Familiarization and Preparation (F&P’s),
  • Advanced Tasks and
  • Mission Participation.

Most of the required tasks can be found in one of the·task guides at the NHQ CAP/DOS website .

As a guide you may print out a SQTR for your particular ES qualification·from within eServices; however, all training should be entered and validated in Ops Qual within eServices.

There are variations in the training for different·specialties (e.g. GES, IC) but the general work flow is as follows:.

  1. Ensure you meet all the Prerequisites on Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR) for·the selected specialty.
  2. Request Commander's Approval for the Prerequisites within Ops Quals.  This is done by entering the date in the "Commander Approval for Prerequisites" field and clicking submit. Once you have received approval, you are eligible to train in this specialty.
  3. Complete the Familiarization and Preparation (F&P) tasks on SQTR with a qualified evaluator. Have the evaluator enter the completed items in Ops Quals. Alternatively, you can request validation though Ops Qual via eServices / ”My Operations Qualifications” / ”Entry / View Worksheet” by entering the date completed and the trainer’s CAPID for each appropriate item and then submitting the worksheet. In this case, your evaluator will receive a request to approve these items.
  4. Request Commander's approval  for the F&P’s within Ops Qual once all F&P items are complete.  After you have completed the F&P tasks and received Commander approval,  you are considered a "Trainee" and eligible to participate in actual or training missions in this specialty under the supervision of a member fully qualified in that specialty. You will be listed as a trainee on your Specialty Training Card (CAPF101), which lists all your ES qualifications and is printable through Ops Quals.
  5. Complete the tasks in the Advanced Training section of the SQTR under the supervision of a qualified Evaluator. Advanced tasks need not be accomplished on a mission.
  6. Fulfill Mission Participation requirements listed on SQTR (usually two sorties). These must be official, supervised, and numbered missions and the trainee must be supervised by a qualified Evaluator who approves the sorties on the SQTR. (The trainee can also input the task with the Evaluator's CAPID in Ops Quals for approval.)
  7. Commander must approve via Ops Qual.·The system will then forward validations requests to the·Group and Wing levels. Once the necessary approvals are complete,your CAPF 101 card will automatically updated online.
  8. Congratulations you have completed your specialty training!

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