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Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)

ICUT Radio OperatorICUT is an introductory course in communications using the specific models of radios that the Civil Air Patrol utilizes for regular operations and Emergency Services.  The whole course is based on a series of video training clips that teach all the elements of operation of the radios, radio etiquette and reviews special terminology such as phonetic alphabet and military-style number terms.  

After you have completed the ICUT training, you will have 180 days (six months) to have your skills evaluated by an ICUT Skills Evaluator.  There are several qualified ICUT Skill Evaluators at VA-108, so you should be able to easily schedule a skills evaluation during another scheduled event, like a parking event or flight operation.  

For those who have previously completed ACUT training and have credit for it reflected in eServices, the first module of ICUT (OP1) is the only one that is required to complete the ICUT requirements.  

To begin your ICUT training, please sign in to eServices and visit this page: ICUT Online Training. 

When you have completed your training, please notify the Squadron Testing Officer of your desire to undergo a ICUT Skills Evaluation. 


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