Powered Orientation Flights

Register for an O-Flight at orientation.flights or see Lt Sullins for more details!

Cadet Powered Orientation Flights are limited to current CAP cadets under 18 years of age.

Each cadet is eligible to have up to five powered orientation flights.  Senior members are not authorized to participate in flights being conducted as Air Force-assigned missions unless they are serving as the pilot in command or escorting a cadet who requires special assistance.

Watch our Orientation Flights - Powered video on our Youtube Channel: 

Typical Orientation Flight Schedule:

Most O-flights will be done with two participating cadets per pilot.  Usually, flights are scheduled while an aircraft is at Shannon Airport.   Cadets will arrive on their own at Shannon Airport to meet the pilot at their designated time.  Pilots will begin with ground handling and preflight instruction (30-40 minutes), followed by an hour of flight time with one cadet in the frontseat and one in back.  Upon landing (usually at another airport), the cadets will swap seats and return to Shannon Airport after another hour of flying.

There may also be opportunities for powered orientation flights at other squadron/airports, i.e. Manassas or Leesburg, for cadets willing to travel when an aircraft is not at Shannon Airport.  Cadets will need to provide their own transportation to these airfields for these options. 

“O-Flight Fact Sheet for Parents”


1. UNIFORM – must wear inspection-ready BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) or blues uniform. (Details also in Steps to Airman).

2. Read applicable Powered Flight Syllabus.   “Powered O-Flight Syllabus 1-5” 



CAPID (New members may print a temporary card from eServices at www.capmembers.com
Chewing Gum – Helps with pressure differences at altitude
Camera, if desired


Shannon Airport EZF (Usually)
3380 Shannon Airport Circle
Fredericksburg VA 22408

Manassas Regional Airport HEF (Occasionally)
10600 Harry Parrish Blvd
Manassas VA 20110

Register for an O-Flight at orientation.flights or see Lt Sullins for more details!

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