Helpful IT Resources

pcmouseThe following list of helpful resources are available for free to help keep your computer safe and running smoothly.  

Forticlient Anti-virus
Forticlient is a freeware anti-virus program that is one of the most widely used in the commercial market.  It will automatically update the virus databases when you are connected to the internet.  It also provides Parental settings to help guard younger users from questionable or undesirable websites.  Download Forticlient here.  (Never run multiple Antivirus clients on a computer concurrently.  It will cause your computer to grind to a halt and it may be difficult to recover from this mistake!) 

AVG Anti-virus
AVG is another free Anti-virus client.  It will perform approximately the same as Forticlient.  Download AVG here. 

Malwarebytes is a program to scan your computer for malicious software that can damage your data and decrease the performance of your computer significantly...sometimes causing a complete crash or releasing your private information to a malicious hacker.  Malwarebytes is one of the best free programs for fighting back against malware.  Download Malwarebytes here. 

Computers will often get "clogged" with drivers and settings from software that has been installed and not used or even uninstalled, leaving "traces" of itself on your computer.  CCleaner looks for unnecessary items and helps to remove them.  It will also do a clean sweep of your temporary internet files, unnecessary registry items and the like.  It will help heal a lot of computer user's woes.  Download CCleaner here. 

PDFRedirect v2
PDFRedirect will allow you to create PDFs from anything that you can print.  You can also merge multiple PDF documents into one with this utility.  Simply print your document and choose PDFRedirect as the printer.  It will guide you through the rest of the process.  Download PDFRedirect here. 

OpenOffice is a free alternative to purchasing Microsoft Office.  It will perform most of the necessary tasks related to Microsoft Office and will open and save in the Office formats.  Download OpenOffice here. 

MS Powerpoint Viewer
Users can view Powerpoint Presentations without owning MS Powerpoint using the Powerpoint viewer.  Download the Powerpoint Viewer here.  

MS-Office Compatibility Pack
Having trouble opening MS Office Documents from newer versions of MS Office?  The MS Office Compatibility Pack will all your older version of Office to open the new file formats.  Download the Compatibility Pack here. 

For your Cellphone: 

Tiny Scan - Document Scanner: When you need to get those pesky receipts into a PDF document for reimbursement, Tiny Scan will do the dirty work for you!  Available for iPhone and Android.  Check it out.  You may find it to be your new best friend. 



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