We have created a document to help you understand the steps to your first promotion, to Airman.  In this document you will learn EVERY step you will need to take to complete requirements for promotion.  Completing the first promotion will teach you the basic pattern for all future promotions.  You can download "Steps to Airman" here. As with any other questions you may have, always take advantage of the chain of command.  Ask any questions you may have of your Flight Sergeant.  He/she will either know the answer, or will find out the answer for you.  We encourage you to pursue this first promotion as an introduction to the process of promotion.  The process outlined in "Steps to Airman" is an example of the general pattern of all future promtions as well.  When you see the next step before you, take it!  You'll promote quickly and you'll be encouraged as you learn and grow. 

As an additional resource to help you along your way, please also check out the Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started in Cadet Testing.

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