Interested in joining the Civil Air Patrol?

MeetingResizedHow to join...

Step 1.  Contact the squadron  

Contact us to confirm the meeting date, time and location. You can also take this as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about membership eligibility. You will be connecting with our Recruiting and Retention Officer.  He will respond as quickly as possible to answer your questions. 

Step 2. Visit 3 meetings

The best way to learn more about what you can do in CAP is to attend a few meetings. You must attend 3 meetings before we can approve your application. By attending 3 meetings, you’ll have a chance to see how meetings are run and what types of activities are available. Our meetings are every Thursday from 18:30 to 21:00 (6:30-9:00 p.m.), at the location indicated on our homepage.

When there is a fifth Thursday in a month, we usually have a social meeting at varied locations. You are welcome to join us, but please verify location in advance.  Seniors (ages 18+) have a special staff meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, at the same time and location. 

Step 3. Membership Application Process

After you've visited a few meetings and feel confident you want to join the Civil Air Patrol, the squadron will provide you with a membership application, fingerprint card (for adult applicants), and inform you of the amount of annual dues. (All Senior Members are fingerprinted and undergo a background check, for the safety of our cadets.)   Parents of new cadets must attend a New Parent Orientation Meeting with our Commander before the application can be approved.  Parents will be given a link to the Online Cadet Application at that meeting.  

You can also download the adult membership application here:  SENIOR      Online Application Form:  CADET     Downloadable Cadet Application:  CADET

NOTE:  Applications without the squadron commander's signature will not be processed. Proof of identity (listed on the forms) is required.

Step 4. (Paper Applications) Mail your completed application, fingerprint card (for adult members) and a check for the annual dues: $35/yr for cadets and $53/yr for Senior members.  (CAP Dues by State) Make the check out to: "Civil Air Patrol - Natl. HQ" and mail to:

Civil Air Patrol
Membership Services
105 S. Hansell St Bldg 714
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112

(It is recommended that Cadet Applications be filed online rather than mailing in an application.  It is much faster. Dues with online applications can be paid by debit or credit card online.)

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